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The Road To Kona For A AG 45-50


When I started triathlon back in 2006 I had no idea of what it actually was.  A friend suggested late in 2005 - at a pre-skiing party that we should do a full Ironman!!!!


Despite several beers etc. I said flat out - NO. I hardly knew what it was, but having ran a few (slow) marathons, I knew it would be a LOT of training and cause a lot of pain before, during and after!!!


But the idea was planted in my head....not a good after a few weeks the three of us decided - why not?


Thinking back I assume my reasons was (but is not sure..):

  • A ego boost to have done it (now I know that's actually the main reason for many first timers...)
  • A reason to learn proper freestyle - have wanted to do that for many years, but never really prio. it.
  • and finally - WHY NOT?


So the race was booked - a local Swedish IM distance race only 300km from Copenhagen in Kalmar.  A nice and small beginner race with approx. 300 participants.


A great race for all newcomes - they have done it for years and know what they are doing - great little city and only a few hours from Copenhagen.


A OWS (OpenWaterSwim) in sea water, a nice and flat cycle route and a 3 lob city hot run.


The race went more or less as expected - okay swim, went to hard on the bike and therefore I died on the run - normal practice for a first timer. Finsh time jsut above 12 hours.




21 May 2011

- Next Race: IM Lanzarote/Spain




Short Term

  • Swim under 1:10
  • Ride under 5:15 (flat route)
  • Ride under 5:40 (Hilly route)
  • Run under 3:45



Long Term


  • Swim under 1:05
  • Ride under 5:05 (flat route)
  • Ride under 5:30 (Hilly route)
  • Run under 3:30









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